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Grab the baton from the acute care SLP and set the patient up for even more success now that they’re stabilized (or work with patients long-term as they battle progressive diseases). Post-acute settings include inpatient rehab, long-term care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health.

Here is your pediatric med SLP podcast playlist so you can hear some real talk from post acute care med SLPs!


#106 – Just a Date on the Calendar: Diving Deep into Myths about PDPM, the Interdisciplinary Team, & More – Lysa Johnson, M.S., CCC-SLP

#094 – Alzheimer’s Dementia and the Oral Microbiome – Nicole Rogus-Pulia PhD, CCC-SLP

#138 – Airway Protection: Dysphagia, Dystusssia & Tangible Treatment Tools – Alexandra Brandimore Ph.D. CCC/SLP

#129 – Building a Successful Exercise Program (That Patients Adhere To!) – Mary Burns, MS, CCC-SLP

#161 – A Lesson in Neuroanatomy – Andrea Hayes M.H.A., M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S

#121 – Advocating for Change, Finding Your “Why”, and Access to Instrumental Evaluations in Rural Settings – Katherine Hoener MA, CCC-SLP

Interested in diving into a tailored set of free post-acute care resources for med SLPs (like The SLP and Palliative Care, Thickening Without Instrumentation: an EBP Review, LPPA for Aphasia, and more)? 

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The podcast episodes are from Swallow Your Pride Podcast, and the resources are editorial-reviewed documents pulled from the MedSLP Collective – yours for free.

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