222 Jennifer Kizner

You know those really specific questions you have that you really wish research could answer, but there’s not a study that has *exactly* done so yet? Why not study it yourself? Research doesn’t have to be a big complicated ball of yarn. Just ask Jennifer L Kizner, CScD, M.Ed, CCC/SLP, BCS-S! She’s sharing the details of her research experience from planning to completion, all that she learned in between, and how other SLPs can do the same. She not only planned and carried out a single-subject experimental design, but she did it in the middle of a pandemic while earning her doctorate!

In episode 222 of SYP, I have the privilege of talking with Jennifer about her experience completing her capstone research project as she takes us through a deep dive into meaningful clinical research that provides valuable information for practicing clinicians.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:
• What is a single-subject experimental design? Is it the same a case study?
• How does SSED compare to other research methods?
• What steps does an SLP need to take to conduct their own research?
• How did the pandemic affect the conduction of research?

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