Wondering how to start a medical career with your SLP graduate degree?

Get ready for an episode packed with wisdom and inspiration as Theresa sits down with Chanelle Tignor, M.S., CCC-SLP, discussing her journey from graduate school to her medical career. 

Theresa and Chanelle walk you through the importance of exploring different settings, diving into resources beyond the classroom (helllooo internet!), and remaining curious to learn from your patients and research.

You’ll also get to hear about Chanelle’s future goals and how she aims to own her own practice and mentor the next generation of SLPs. 

Ready to learn how you can start connecting your career goals with your education today?

Tune in today!


Getting into Graduate School (00:02:26)
Exploring Different Settings (00:01:16)
Importance of Open-mindedness (00:07:15)
Research and Observation (00:09:45)
On-the-Job Learning (00:12:09)
The networking journey (17:58)
Importance of networking (19:08)
Challenges in graduate school (24:42)
Self-study and preceptorship (29:23)
Passion for the profession (32:04)
Finding Passion and Drive (00:34:10)
Career Aspirations (00:35:29)
Gap in Early Intervention (00:38:25)
Standing Out in the Medical Field (00:40:49)
Continuous Learning and Growth (00:46:50)

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