All Things Dentistry: Bridging the Gap Between SLPs and Dental Professionals

Curious about how effective collaboration between dentists and SLPs will enhance advocacy and optimize patient care? 

Sara Davis and Sara Charney discuss their collaboration and the unique topic of speech pathology’s relationship with dentistry, in today’s episode. Sara Davis is a specialist in voice, swallowing, head and neck cancer, & airway disorders, and the founder of VoxFit. Working at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and living in Baltimore, Sara Charney specializes in voice and swallowing disorders, particularly pertaining to head and neck cancer.

Sara & Sara guide the conversation through the birth of the idea of collaborating with dentists, the importance of collaborations, developing a collaborative model, research supporting collaboration, and advocacy & future plans. Join Theresa, Sara, & Sara as they navigate this uncharted territory, paving the way for a future where interdisciplinary collaboration is the norm, not the exception.

Oh, and get ready to feel a surge of inspiration!





Introduction and Background (00:00:00)


Collaboration between Dentistry and Speech Language-Pathology (00:02:17)


Developing a Model for Collaboration (00:08:30)


Educating Dentists on Speech and Voice Disorders (00:11:50)


The Importance of Oral Health (00:19:10)


Collaboration in Pediatric Dentistry (00:22:17)


Research on Interdisciplinary Interaction (00:24:37)


Improving Oral Care in Nursing Homes (00:30:10)


The Impact of Oral Health on Cognitive Health (00:35:57)


Future Plans and Final Thoughts (00:37:08)

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