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This is the place to be if you love digging into charts, putting on your thinking cap, and collaborating with plenty of other medical providers. While it can also be high-stress with medically complex and fragile patients, don’t let that scare you away….

Here is your acute care med SLP podcast playlist so you can hear some real talk from acute care med SLPs!


#118 – Navigating the Acute Care World  Changes, Case Studies, and Challenges – Beth Cormell, MS, CCC-SLP

#098 – On PEGs and Palliative Care – Caitlin Saxtein MS, CCC-SLP

#049 –  Aspiration Pneumonia Does Not Always Mean Dysphagia, Poor Clinical Indicators, and the Use of High Flow Nasal Cannulas – James Coyle PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, ASHA Fellow

#123 –  Improving Relationships Between Radiologists and Speech-language Pathologists: Research, Resources, and the RSNA – Lauren Hermann, MS, CCC-SLP

#117 –  What's in a Name? Defining the PRN SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY – Maggie Donaker, MS, CCC-SLP – PRN

Interested in diving into a tailored set of free acute care resources for med SLPs (like Overview of Oxygen Therapies and Swallowing, SLP and Body Systems – The Cardiovascular System, and more)? 

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The podcast episodes are from Swallow Your Pride Podcast, and the resources are editorial-reviewed documents pulled from the MedSLP Collective – yours for free.

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