intraoral cameras

You know how dentists have those intraoral cameras that let patients see what’s going on in their mouth?

What if SLPs could use those as part of their dysphagia assessment? 

Or as part of their biofeedback during therapy to check for residue and to see if certain compensatory strategies work? Just imagine quickly peeking into a patient’s mouth with an angled intraoral camera and finding bread in the valleculae from the patient’s last meal (which was two hours ago)!

Turns out we can!

James Curtis, PhD, CCC-SLP, and Anna Miles, PhD, are two SLPs and researchers who are exploring this idea and spill all the beans with us in this week’s episode of The Swallow Your Pride Podcast!

Join James and Anna as they discuss the intraoral camera and…

  • The benefits of adding it to our dysphagia assessments
  • Potential applications in therapy and patient education
  • The pioneering work of Jose Vergara’s team in Brazil
  • Technical challenges
  • Patient tolerance
  • Current and future research
  • Access to this instrument

Tune in and give a shout-out to your local dentist for inspiring this idea!


Initial exploration of intraoral cameras (00:05:42)
Clinical application of intraoral cameras (00:10:44)
Advantages and limitations of intraoral cameras (00:12:51)
Procedure for using intraoral cameras (00:15:05)
Challenges with intraoral cameras (00:19:01)
Patient Positioning and Maneuvering (00:20:05)
Challenges and Skills of Rigid Exam vs. Flexible Scope (00:20:56)
Advantages of Intraoral Cameras (00:21:10)
Importance of Post-Swallow Images and Video Clips (00:22:28)
Sensitivity and Reliability of Intraoral Cameras (00:24:30)
Comparative Research and Reproducibility (00:26:02)
Limitations and Need for More Research (00:28:25)
Cost and Infection Control Considerations (00:32:15)
Integration into Clinical Protocols (00:33:42)
Future Research and Implementation Studies (00:37:44)
Intraoral Camera Use in New Zealand (00:40:09)
Availability and Cost of Intraoral Cameras (00:40:56)
Patient Populations for Intraoral Camera Use (00:41:38)
Challenges and Benefits of Rigid Endoscopy (00:44:23)

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