“I’m looking for a guy in finance…”

Okay, while that’s the start of a recent viral song, I spoke with an SLP who *was* in finance.

Fred Stal MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS is a second-career medical SLP who shares how he went from hedge fund management to voice and dysphagia management.

Together we discuss why he left finance for speech pathology, his learning experience, his involvement in a research study on swallowing (and the unexpected findings), and the incredibly dynamic nature of our field. From embracing opportunities to learning from failures, Fred’s insight is both eye-opening and incredibly motivating!

Tune in and get inspired.

Fred Stal MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. He completed his initial training and clinical fellowship through Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital. Currently, Fred works in the outpatient setting as well as per diem in the acute care setting. He recently published research as a co-author with the NYU Swallowing Research Lab, which was presented by the incredible lead author at the 2024 Dysphagia Research Society conference in Puerto Rico. His main areas of clinical interest include dysphagia management, upper airway disorders, and most of all… all things related to the head and neck cancer population.

Research Link mentioned:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9513300/


Fred's Journey into Speech-Language Pathology (00:01:45)
Fred's Clinical Experience and Career Path (00:02:29)
Passion for Head and Neck Cancer Patients (00:05:47)
Learning and Implementing New Techniques (00:07:59)
Specialized Field within Speech-Language Pathology (00:08:46)
Manual Therapy and Lymphedema in Head and Neck Patients (00:11:36)
Presentation at ASHA and Case Studies (00:13:47)
Continuous Learning and Adapting in the Field (00:16:41)
The research publication (00:18:02)
Learning from failures (00:21:26)
Instrumental assessment and patient outcomes (00:25:28)
Challenges in patient recovery (00:28:20)
Value of long-term patient relationships (00:31:38)
Advocacy and improvement in skilled nursing facilities (00:33:30)
The power of basic tools in dysphagia therapy (00:34:17)
Wada testing and awake craniotomy (00:35:15)
Exploring new areas in speech pathology (00:36:16)

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