Head and Neck Cancer

If you want to serve the head and neck cancer population or HOPE to one day…you do NOT want to miss this episode!

Jennifer Larssen, an SLP at the University of South Florida, shares her experiences in developing innovative programs for head and neck surgery patients. She shares innovative programs and tools like…

✅A groundbreaking laryngeal speaking device for those who struggle with the traditional electrolarynx.

✅A self-dilation program for patients with laryngectomy and/or radiation to the neck.

✅A TEP clinic.

✅Support groups – include one for women who have undergone a laryngectomy.

✅Social events (like a trip to Busch Gardens and makeup lessons post-surgery and/or radiation)

Prepare to feel inspired!


Introduction (00:00:00)
Program Development at USF (00:00:42)
Tracheoesophageal Prostheses and TEP Clinics (00:02:51)
Larynx Demo Days (00:03:09)
Competencies in TEP Changes (00:04:28)
Self-Dilation Program (00:06:13)
Advocating to Administration (00:07:56)
Head and Neck Cancer Community Group (00:09:26)
Funding and Resources (00:12:21)
Women's Retreat (00:13:06)
Clinical Pathway and Rehabilitation (00:16:38)
Feeding Tube Removal (00:19:32)
Collaboration with Dietitian (00:20:11)
Patient Observation (00:20:54)
Transitional Care Program (00:21:44)
Fluoro MS Suite (00:23:33)
Becoming an X-Ray Tech (00:25:09)
Supportive Team at USF (00:28:11)
Human Element in Healthcare (00:30:43)

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