Face transplants.

Nope, that’s not just something you see on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a real procedure and SLPs can support pre-operative evaluations, postoperative rehabilitation, and lifelong happiness for those who undergo this process.

And in this week’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast, you’ll get to hear from two SLPs who have direct experience with serving this population!

Join Meg Lico and Kaitlin Hanley, both SLPs at NYU Langone Health in New York City, as they share the challenges, triumphs, and profound impact of their collaboration with a surgical team as they navigate the complexities of their roles when serving those who receive a transformative face transplant.

Gain insight into the passion and dedication driving Meg and Kaitlin’s work with craniofacial and facial transplant populations as they advocate for increased awareness and education.

Start challenging the traditional perceptions of speech-language pathology and celebrate the multifaceted expertise of these dedicated professionals. 

Ready to learn how SLPs played a MAJOR role in a groundbreaking face transplant?

Tune in to this week’s discussion and hear what Meg and Kaitlin have to share about it!


The introduction (00:00:12)
Introducing the speakers (00:01:10)
Preparation for the case (00:02:56)
Post-surgery updates (00:04:49)
Collaboration and patient progress (00:08:21)
Preoperative assessment and strategies (00:09:38)
Inpatient care and progress (00:12:17)
Utilizing research and strategies (00:15:29)
Passive Stretching Therapy (00:18:02)
Collaboration Challenges (00:18:56)
Critical Thinking and Collaboration (00:19:37)
Interdisciplinary Collaboration (00:20:25)
Expertise and Collaboration (00:23:33)
Patient Journey and Preparation (00:25:45)
Specialty Populations (00:31:43)
The lack of awareness about speech pathology (00:35:02)
Challenges in explaining the profession (00:35:44)
The limited understanding of speech pathology (00:36:12)
The profound impact of speech pathology (00:37:33)


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