You Can Automate That: Productivity and Efficiency Power Moves for MedSLPs

Theresa is BACK this week with the recording of the fourth and FINAL day of the Effective SLP workshop! This is where four brilliant SLPs and Medical SLP Collective mentors came together to discuss all-things productivity and share their tips and tools to help medical SLPs do more ON the clock WITHOUT sacrificing their time OFF the clock.

This week, you’ll hear Laura McWilliam’s discussion from night four of The Effective SLP workshop. She shares a helpful leadership and teamwork method she calls the PARTNER method.

Laura outlines how SLPs can apply the components of the PARTNER method to gain a seat at the productivity table and contribute to leadership discussions about workplace productivity standards.

Laura even provided the outline of the PARTNER method inside the free Productivity Playbook that came with this workshop, which you can access along with the entire workshop at 

Tune into this week’s episode and get motivated to make some changes at work to help you accomplish more WITHOUT sacrificing more.


The Partner Method (00:01:14)
Leadership and Teamwork (00:02:00)
Rethinking Workflow (00:04:31)
Comprehensive Care (00:08:27)
Data-Driven Change (00:12:39)
Addressing Staffing Challenges (00:15:21)
Balancing Clinical and Non-Clinical Responsibilities (00:17:33)
The Partner Method (00:18:44)
Understanding Leadership (00:19:59)
Planning and Communication (00:20:54)
Asking for Partnership (00:21:51)
Responding to Changes (00:22:48)
Time Efficiency (00:23:51)
Engaging with Team and Leadership (00:24:47)
Engaging in Data (00:25:51)
Continuous Quality Improvement (00:26:57)
Challenges in Leadership (00:29:02)
Navigating the Healthcare Climate (00:36:04)
Leveraging Patient Safety Programs (00:36:28)
Empowering Clinicians for Quality Improvement (00:37:36)
Productivity and Data Analytics (00:39:23)
Work-Life Balance and Career Growth (00:44:25)


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