In February, the MedSLP collective hosted a free four-day workshop to help medical SLPs accomplish more by doing less!

This week, we’re sharing Day 3 of the workshop on the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!

Who decided that burning out was a badge of honor? There’s a stigma across the board — that in order to succeed as an SLP, we have to push beyond our limit DAILY.

Tune in today to catch Day 3 of the Effective SLP Workshop, where Kelly Caldwell, MA, MS, CCC-SLP, dives into real-world examples and applicable tools to help you work smarter, not harder. Dive into different working styles and learn how to cut your assessment documentation time in half with Kelly’s templates and calculators you can apply to your documentation!

Interested in listening to the entire workshop? You can catch the entire workshop HERE:

Kelly's productivity tips (00:00:56)
Questioning the status quo (00:02:04)
Advocacy and productivity (00:05:00)
EMR and documentation systems (00:07:58)
Scheduling and administrative time (00:13:38)
Productivity and documentation (00:16:40)
Documentation and Standardized Tests (00:18:05)
Use of Smart Phrases and Templates (00:19:18)
Simplifying Documentation and Perspective Taking (00:20:57)
Point of Service Documentation (00:22:42)
Balancing Patient Attention and Documentation (00:23:29)
Automating Documentation (00:26:38)
Overcoming Documentation Challenges (00:29:33)
Continuing Education and Documentation (00:32:08)
Productivity Killers and Self-Care (00:35:04)
Dealing with Personal Challenges (00:36:40)
Documentation Timelines and Grace Periods (00:37:51)
Understanding Payer Policies (00:38:53)
Importance of Root Cause Analysis (00:41:18)
Maximizing Workload Efficiency (00:43:00)
Customizing Documentation Templates (00:46:06)
Self-Care and Grace (00:49:15)
Controlling Response to Chaos (00:51:10)
Workshop Conclusion and Resources (00:53:15)


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