Last month, the MedSLP Collective hosted a free four-day workshop to help medical SLPs accomplish more by doing less!

This week, we’re going to share Day 2 of the workshop on the Swallow Your Pride podcast!

Let’s face it, productivity can be a bit of a maze, with each facility and setting having its own unique calculations and expectations. But fear not, my friends, in today’s episode we’re breaking it all down. 

Tune in so you can hear Kristin Dolan, a seasoned speech pathologist with over two decades of experience under her belt, share her experiences and expertise. With a deep understanding of productivity from both the clinical and managerial perspectives, Kristin offers her wisdom on the inner workings of productivity in our field.

Kristin and Theresa define the differences between productivity & efficiency, share 10 tips to improve your efficiency, and illustrate how you can map out your workdays with the help of a free productivity calculator. 

From deciphering productivity formulas to exploring strategies for efficiency and effectiveness, we’re on a mission to demystify the process and empower you to thrive in your role.

Interested in listening to the entire workshop? You can catch the entire workshop HERE:


Understanding Productivity (00:00:00)
Accessing Workshop Recordings (00:00:59)
Highlighting Productivity Tips (00:02:15)
Leadership and Teamwork Method (00:03:26)
Discussion on Productivity (00:06:20)
Understanding Productivity and Efficiency (00:09:32)
Empowering Therapists (00:13:51)
Value-Based Systems (00:19:51)
Understanding Productivity Calculation (00:22:46)
Efficiency in Patient Treatment (00:23:30)
Adapting to Patient Needs (00:25:37)
Challenging Productivity Expectations (00:29:21)
Differentiating Managers and Leaders (00:31:43)
Understanding RVUs in Productivity (00:34:22)
Maximizing Efficiency with RVUs (00:38:35)
Tools for Efficient Documentation (00:41:12)
Balancing Efficiency and Quality in Documentation (00:43:35)
The importance of taking time to review repetitive tasks (00:45:35)
Improving department effectiveness (00:46:04)
Utilizing downtime forms for concise documentation (00:47:27)
Reducing decision fatigue and time management (00:49:39)
Delegating tasks and setting priorities (00:50:02)
Analyzing time usage and efficiency (00:54:48)
Understanding productivity calculations and advocating for change (00:55:20)
Managing non-billable but required activities (00:57:31)
Efficiency tools and resources (01:00:07)
MetaSLP Collective membership and support (01:03:14)

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