Moving From Words to Numbers: What SLPs Should Know About Acalculia
Adding, subtracting, dividing…we interact with math and numbers on a daily basis. It's more than just algebra skills. Even understanding which price is higher or lower than others is a part of our numeric duties. And SLPs have an important role in helping those with stroke or head injury improve their calculation skills. Which is why I'm SO excited to have Brett McCardel, MS, CCC-SLP on today’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!
We’re diving deep into a topic that’s often overlooked in clinical discourse…Acalculia. In this episode, we discuss:
  • The historical context of acalculia
  • Acalculia’s context & classification
  • Assessment tools & treatments for acalculia
  • The complex nuances and implications for daily functioning with acalculia
  • The intersection of neuroscience, clinical practice, & patient-centered care
Tune in today! 


Aphasia Rehabilitation Approach (00:03:07)
Neuroanatomy and Functional Mechanism (00:04:55)
Introduction to Acalculia (00:06:42)
Symptoms and Numerical Format (00:08:19)
Interest in Acalculia (00:10:23)
Impact on Quality of Life (00:11:44)
Relationship Between Math and Language (00:14:56)
History and Classification of Acalculia (00:19:12)
The classifications of acalculia (00:23:20)
The impact of acalculia on quality of life (00:26:01)
Assessment objectives for acalculia (00:28:17)
Patient experience with acalculia (00:29:23)
Models for conceptualizing acalculia (00:27:03)
Treatment approaches for acalculia (00:38:02)
Conclusion and call to action (00:43:18)

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