Productivity and Efficiency Power Moves for MedSLPs

Productivity is one of those words that can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but why is that?

In most cases, as medical SLPs, it’s because we don’t have much control over how productivity works.

Or do we?

Laura McWilliams M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-S is back on the Swallow Your Pride Podcast to guide you on how to redefine productivity and efficiency at your job. She’ll walk you through maximizing resources, advocating for productivity improvements, embracing (and creating) automation, and adding value to healthcare institutions through interprofessional collaboration. 

Ready to change the productivity game? Tune in!

P.S. Laura will be joining us during my free four-day workshop, which I’m calling The Effective MedSLP: Productivity Updates and Streamlining Success. You can check it out at (and download your free Productivity Playbook!)

Attaching Healthcare Quality Indicators (00:00:00)
Redefining Productivity as Efficiency (00:02:01)
Efficiency in Speech Pathology (00:04:21)
Maximizing Services and Resources (00:08:04)
Change Management and Communication (00:11:01)
Adding Value to Healthcare Institutions (00:17:00)
Interprofessional Collaboration (00:22:55)
Automating decision making (00:24:03)
Aligning with facility goals (00:25:15)
Speech therapists as project managers (00:26:03)
Addressing resistance and inconsistent practice (00:28:14)
Efficiency in documentation and tools (00:30:52)
Understanding productivity metrics (00:34:42)
Differentiating between managers and leaders (00:38:14)
Embracing visionaries and integrators (00:40:19)
Marketing speech pathology services (00:43:44)
Utilizing IT for data tracking (00:45:40)
Therapy Hamster Wheel (00:47:02)
Rising to Accreditation (00:47:23)
Depth of Productivity (00:48:11)

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