Navigating Dementia Care: A Speech-Language Pathologist's Perspective

Have you ever wondered how much you can actually do as an SLP when it comes to dementia care?


One of the most common misconceptions about dementia care in general is that not much can be done. It’s a progressive disease after all, right?

This is where medical SLPs can shine, and Adria Thompson, MA, CCC-SLP is here to talk about it! Adria is an SLP and dementia consultant passionate about advocating for individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

In this week’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast, Theresa and Adria explore the importance of understanding dementia stages and supporting caregivers. They address misconceptions about therapy for patients with dementia and cover recent changes in billing that allow for caregiver training without the patient present, including the potential for caregivers to receive financial support for their services. 

If you support individuals with dementia and their caregivers in any capacity, you won’t want to miss this episode!


The need for better dementia care (00:02:36)
The role of speech therapists in dementia care (00:07:01)
Understanding dementia staging (00:10:10)
Caregiver support and collaboration (00:14:27)
Challenges of caregiver role (00:19:01)
Therapist-patient communication (00:19:22)
Billing for caregiver time (00:21:25)
Caregiver payment and reimbursement (00:23:09)
Medicare and Medicaid services program (00:24:54)
Support for caregivers (00:25:18)
Speech-language pathologists in hygiene ADLs (00:27:19)
Communication issues in hygiene ADLs (00:29:06)
Training and competence for SLPs (00:32:07)
Communication intervention in hygiene ADLs (00:33:49)
Challenges and learning experiences (00:36:27)
Role of SLPs in caregiving (00:37:09)
Therapist Collaboration (00:37:22)
Collaborative Care (00:40:20)
Specialization Communication (00:42:26)
Encouraging Learning (00:44:07)

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