Compassion Over Metrics: Prioritizing Trauma-Informed Care as Medical SLPs

“Wherever you're working, whatever setting you're working in, whatever profession you are, if you're working with humans, you should be trauma-informed.”

Rachel Archambault, MA, CCC-SLP dropped ALL the mics within the first three minutes of our discussion in today’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!

Trauma-informed care, empathy, and just the human touch are all crucial in our profession, but there’s an obvious tension between meeting productivity standards and providing this level of care. It’s palpable. Does our current productivity model harm the quality of care we can provide?

What does trauma-informed care look like, and what can we actually do to make it work without stressing over time-based codes and RVUs?

Tune in to this week’s discussion and see what Rachel has to say about it and join her call to action!


Introduction (00:00:02)
Discovering Trauma-Informed Care (00:01:33)
Challenges in Implementing Trauma-Informed Care (00:04:23)
Advocating for Change (00:06:01)
Impact of Trauma-Informed Care (00:09:14)
Six Pillars of Trauma-Informed Care (00:13:35)
Looking at the conversation through a trauma-informed lens (00:14:15)
Trust and transparency in provider relationships (00:15:23)
Fostering trust and transparency with clients (00:16:58)
Peer support, collaboration, and mutuality (00:17:26)
Empowerment, voice, and choice in therapy (00:20:21)
Consideration of cultural, historical, and gender issues (00:23:09)
Personal experiences with trauma-informed care (00:24:50)
Trauma-informed care (00:28:03)
Cultural and religious considerations (00:29:33)
Resources for trauma-informed care (00:31:38)
Training and implementation (00:34:14)
Connect with Rachel (00:35:38)

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