No Longer the Afterthought: Developing a HNC program and funding for specialized training

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received orders to see a patient with head and neck cancer AFTER they’ve started (or completed) radiation and/or surgery.


A million times yes.

It’s one of those common cases where speech-language pathology is an afterthought.

But in reality, we should be brought into the discussion before any treatment begins!

Katie Moore is all too familiar with this, which is why she passionately advocated for a head and neck cancer program in her department AND for specialized training to address complex impairments (like post-radiation fibrosis and lymphedema.)

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Swallow Your Pride Podcast to hear how Katie implemented a new program and rallied for support for SLPs to achieve the level of training they deserve.

Oh, and get ready to feel a surge of inspiration!


Challenges in Healthcare Administration (00:02:01)

Implementing Speech Therapy Services (00:03:21)

Advocating for Inclusion (00:05:32)

Self-Initiative and Research (00:08:06)

Building Trust and Collaboration (00:11:42)

Continuing Education and Funding (00:13:24)

Advocating for Specific Training (00:14:51)

Navigating Financial Approvals (00:16:16)

Understanding Business Administration (00:17:29)

Calculating Results for Proposals (00:22:34)

Patience and Career Trajectory (00:26:37)

Foundation Funding and Program Development (00:28:34)

Financial Assistance for Patients (00:29:17)

Learning from Interdisciplinary Conversations (00:30:27)

Challenges in Patient Care (00:31:23)

Team Collaboration in Patient Care (00:32:40)

Unforeseen Surgical Procedure (00:34:11)

Overcoming Challenges in Patient Care (00:35:48)

Culmination of Professional Journey (00:40:04)

Reflecting on a significant patient care experience that represents the culmination of professional growth and challenges.

Final Thoughts on Professional Growth (00:40:37)

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