From Bedside to Bedsores: How Can Speech Therapy Help Prevent Wounds in the ICU?

Imagine walking into a room where a team of physicians, physical therapists, and dietitians are sitting at the table discussing wound care.

Would you pause and slowly back out the door, hoping no one noticed?

Or would you pull up a seat at the table and join the discussion?

Ashley Muñoz López not only pulls up a seat, but she builds a bigger table!

In this episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast, host Theresa Richard and guest Ashley Muñoz López, MBA, MS, CCC-SLP, BCSS, discuss the importance of integrating speech-language pathology into the broader healthcare ecosystem. They focus on wound care prevention in the ICU, with Ashley sharing her experience of being nominated for a team quality and safety award for her efforts in this area.

Tune into this episode to understand your roles as an SLP when it comes to preventing wounds in the ICU, interdisciplinary considerations, and HOW you can snag that seat at the wound care table.


The award for team quality and safety (00:02:17)
Speech therapy's role in preventing wounds in the ICU (00:03:39)
Realizing the impact of SLPs on wound care (00:07:22)
Collaborating with Other Professionals (00:11:03)
Speech-Language Pathologists on Wound Care Teams (00:12:49)
Using Innovative Approaches in Nutrition (00:14:18)
The importance of a multidisciplinary approach (00:21:03)
Addressing length of stay concerns (00:21:59)
Advocating for a role in wound care teams (00:23:04)
The award-winning wound care project (00:31:13)
The importance of sharing achievements (00:32:10)
Encouraging change in practice (00:32:38)

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