What’s considered “normal” in infant feeding: A discussion with Katlyn McGrattan.

Is it ever “normal” for infants to cough during feeding?

Does it make a difference whether they’re breastfed or bottle-fed?

What should med SLPs actually understand and implement when it comes to infant feeding?

Infant feeding and our role as med SLPs is one of my FAVORITE topics to discuss, and my heart practically did a break dance when I got to sit down with Katlyn McGrattan, PhD, CCC-SLP, to discuss THIS very topic!

Katlyn is an SLP and a researcher at the University of Minnesota. She lives, eats, and breathes the world of pediatric feeding and swallowing (seriously, as a hobby, she and her husband are developing a medical device to better diagnose infant feeding goals).

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast where Katlyn discusses research on infant feeding and swallowing disorders, the importance of understanding the physics behind milk flow, and what med SLPs should understand when it comes to working in this corner of our field!

Articles Discussed:

Exploring Alternative Methods to Reduce Milk Flow Rate From Infant Bottle Systems: Bottle Angle, Milk Volume, and Bottle Ventilation 

Establishing Normative Values for Healthy Term Infant Feeding Performance: Neonatal Eating Assessment Tool-Mixed, Oral Feeding Scale, and Early Feeding Skills Assessment

Feeding characteristics of healthy infants without reported feeding impairments throughout the first month of life

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  • The Normal Cough Study (00:02:05)
  • Feeding Metrics of Healthy Term Babies (00:08:08)
  • Comparison of Breastfed and Bottle-fed Infants (00:04:59)
  • Immature Feeding and Stress Cues in Infants (00:09:58)
  • Challenges in Identifying Normal Infant Feeding Behaviors (00:13:31)
  • Hydrostatic Pressure and Milk Flow (00:19:49)
  • Influence of Bottle Nipples on Milk Flow (00:22:44)
  • Global Accessibility of Bottle Nipples (00:25:32)
  • The Bottles and Nipples Dilemma (00:26:26)
  • Research on Infant Swallowing in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (00:29:09)
  • Non-Invasive Method to Evaluate Swallowing Integrity (00:34:32)
  • The need for speech pathologists in neuromuscular clinics (00:35:24)
  • The importance of training in working with pediatric populations (00:36:03)

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