Guidelines, gray areas, and gaping holes: Navigating the blurred lines in medical speech-language pathology with Monica Lupo

“I have a pretty controversial topic. I'm usually known for pushing the boundary a little bit.”

☝️If there were ever a sequence of words that will make heads turn and ears perk, it’s THAT!

Join me in this week’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast where I had the absolute honor of digging into SLP challenges, gray areas, and pushing the envelope in our field with Monica Lupo, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSSLD, CDP, LSVT-C, CLTS.

Monica is the owner of Speak Your Legacy Inc., a private practice and mobile FEES business serving adults and pediatrics in New York. During this discussion, Monica challenges SLPs to ask themselves questions like…“Why do I practice the way I do?” and “How can I change what I’m doing?”

Monica shares which hill she will die on, mobile FEES, and holes in our scope of practice (my head almost snapped with how hard I was nodding).

Tune in and join the discussion!


Instagram: @speakyourlegacyny





Challenging the current practices in speech-language pathology (00:02:10)

The need for more research and mentorship in dysphagia (00:04:26)

The Competency of Getting FEES Passes (00:09:14)

The Blurred Scope of Practice and Lack of Guidance (00:10:59)

The Need for FEES in the Home and Insurance Coverage (00:15:25)

Advocacy for patient care (00:19:56)

Considering comfort and preferences in choosing a scope (00:32:08)

The debate on topical anesthetic and lubricants (00:39:08)

Challenges and adaptability in FEES procedures (00:42:37)

Collaboration and teamwork (00:46:22)

Building networks and partnerships (00:49:54)

The need for more mentors in the field (00:53:46)

Challenges of accessing mentorship in remote areas (00:54:55)

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