Bridging the Gap Between Dysphagia Education, Research, and Practice: The Ultimate Soapbox

Today we’re excited to bring to you the 300th episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast 🎉

This week, Theresa Richard is bringing it back to the very reason this podcast came into existence 299 episodes ago: addressing the gap in dysphagia education and clinical practice.

Timothy Stockdale is this week’s special guest to discuss these gaps, what’s being done about it, and what other med SLPs should consider when growing their knowledge and skills. Timothy is a medical SLP and the Director of Education and Business Enablement for Aspire Respiratory Products, and he provides us with excellent insights and words of wisdom for SLPs wanting to do what’s best for those with swallowing disorders.

Tune in to dig deeper into dysphagia literature, patient autonomy, collaboration, holistic approaches to dysphagia therapy, respiratory muscle strength training, advocacy, and being vulnerable in our pursuit of knowing and doing better.

The importance of understanding normal, functional, and disordered swallowing [00:06:03]
Challenges in diagnosing dysphagia accurately [00:02:23]
Taking a holistic approach to dysphagia management [00:05:40]
The importance of patient-centered care [00:10:07]
Challenges with traditional feeding therapy approaches [00:11:35]
The need for collaborative conversations with patients [00:14:38]
The importance of patient autonomy [00:19:06]
The role of education in empowering patients [00:19:58]
The need for a whole-body approach in dysphagia management [00:21:19]
The importance of continual improvement [00:29:01]
Vulnerability and authenticity in clinical practice [00:30:24]
Advocating for instrumentals and understanding healthcare reimbursement [00:33:40]
The importance of understanding cost and readmission rates [00:39:23]
Advocating for better productivity in healthcare settings [00:42:33]
Redefining productivity in speech-language pathology [00:45:14]
The importance of terminology [00:47:54]
Final thoughts on leadership and authenticity [00:49:00]
Appreciation for spreading information [00:50:03]

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