On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in your business skills as an SLP?

What about your leadership skills?

Whether it’s public speaking or knowing how to use an Excel spreadsheet, we should have a deeper understanding of business skills and healthcare leadership as SLPs. That’s exactly what Theresa Richard and Laura McWilliams dive into in today’s episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!

It’s easy for Med SLPs to have “clinical tunnel vision” when pursuing continuing education and professional development opportunities. But we shouldn't JUST focus on the clinical side of our career! Tune in to see what Laura’s unique experience with leadership as a med SLP has taught her and what you can do as a clinician tomorrow to begin building your own business leadership skills.

The importance of expanding skills [00:02:05]
The relevance of basic business tools [00:04:15]
The value of business understanding [00:05:35]
The importance of effective communication and collaboration [00:07:01]
Understanding workplace culture and leveraging it for evidence-based practice [00:09:13]
Creating a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing [00:13:39]
Establishing norms and culture [00:19:09]
Working groups for standardized practice [00:21:19]
Collaborative decision-making [00:22:02]
The importance of time logistics [00:24:57]
The role of project management and gap analysis [00:27:29]
Broadening professional growth and encouraging innovation [00:29:07]
The importance of partnerships in driving change [00:32:47]
Assessing and improving team culture [00:34:02]
Being the solution and changing the conversation [00:37:45]
The importance of self-assessment and quarterly reflection [00:41:41]
The value of culture and self-awareness in the workplace [00:42:26]
Leaning into what feels right and supporting others [00:44:12]

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