How We Practice and What We Consider: A Discussion on Clinical Experience and Evidence with Gavin Levy

Exploring diet consistencies (including the great bread debate)…

Identifying barriers of modified barium swallow studies (and what to do about them)…

Encountering tough pills to swallow (literally)…

☝️ These are just three of the topics Theresa Richard and Gavin Levy discuss in the most recent episode of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!

Together, Theresa and Gavin look at evidence-based practices for medical SLPs while sharing their personal experiences on the job. Through this discussion, key takeaways focus on involving SLPs in dietary conversations, clinical documentation verbiage that reflects dietary needs when designing menus, and collaborating with caregivers, dietitians, and other medical professionals to further gain knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

Implementations of Soft and Bite Size Diets: The Role of SLPs (05:44 – 10:58)
Where Does Bread Fit in Alterations Diets? (10:59 – 16:15)
Exploring the Benefits of Modified Diets for Patients on Altered Diets (16:15 – 21:25)
Risks and Benefits of Video Fluoroscopy for Swallowing Studies (21:25 – 26:29)
Advocating for Better Communication in Swallow Studies: Involving a Multidisciplinary Team (26:29 – 31:22)
Team-Based Recommendations for Patient Care (31:23 – 36:06)
The Role of Environment in Swallowing and Testing Outcomes (36:06 – 40:53)
A Conversation on Safety, Staff Shortages, and Modifying Diets for Skilled Nursing Facilities (40:54 – 45:42)
The Role of Speech Therapists in Medication Administration and Swallowing Studies (45:42 – 50:39)
The Impact of Aspiration on Decision-Making (50:40 – 55:35)
Embracing Change and Connecting Research in Speech Therapy (55:35 – 01:00:34)
Exploring Physical Therapy, Coordination of Respiration and Swallowing, and Dementia (01:00:34 – 01:03:22)


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