Understanding Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Insights from Feeding Matters CEO Jaclyn Pederson

Pediatric feeding difficulties aren’t just physical…they can be traumatic, too. 

While everyone can agree that caring for and nourishing our little ones is a top priority, access to the research and knowledge on pediatric feeding disorders remains elusive. Why? What can be done about it? And what should medical SLPs understand?

In this podcast episode, host Theresa Richard interviews Jaclyn Pederson, the CEO of Feeding Matters, a nonprofit organization focused on pediatric feeding disorders. They discuss their personal experiences with pediatric feeding disorders and the importance of a holistic approach to addressing feeding issues. They also touch on topics such as the challenges of conducting research in the field, the importance of evidence-based practice in feeding therapy, and the difficulties of integrating feeding therapy into insurance coverage. They emphasize the need for ongoing support for families and the importance of recognizing and addressing the trauma involved in feeding difficulties. Overall, the episode highlights the work of Feeding Matters in advocating for and supporting those affected by pediatric feeding disorders.

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 [00:02:23]  Pediatric Feeding Disorder Awareness Month

 [00:06:35]  The Consensus Paper on Pediatric Feeding Disorder

 [00:07:40] The Need for Identifying Pediatric Feeding Disorder

 [00:09:47] The importance of awareness and recognition of feeding difficulties

 [00:11:55] The need for further research and education in feeding

 [00:18:35] Challenges in implementing evidence-based practice in feeding

[00:19:41] Importance of evidence-based practice and considering the clinician's experience and family's expectations in treatment.

 [00:20:49] Challenges when research doesn't align with personal experiences, the need for a global approach, and the importance of considering the family's dynamics in treatment.

[00:22:46] The need for space to adapt treatment approaches, the readiness of families to receive information, and the integration of therapy into the natural home feeding environment.

[00:29:25] Insurance Challenges

 [00:30:21] Integration of Feeding Therapy into Insurance

 [00:36:28] Healing Feeding Trauma

 [00:37:38] The Trauma Involved with Feeding

 [00:39:08] The Impact of Trauma on Feeding

 [00:41:14] Supporting Parents and Caregivers


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