Disarming SLPs…

Guiding SLPs…

Standing by SLP…

☝️These are just three powerful purposes of mentorship in our field. 

And in part 2 of our mentors episode, MedSLP Ed Mentors Isabel, George, Jessica, and Lori continue to share their humanizing insights into the world of medical SLP mentorship and bring heartwarming stories to the discussion.

Stories like perseverance in the fluoroscopy suite when a young SLP felt the pressure to call it quits – but she chose a different route…

Stories like breaking barriers, building programs, and doing what feels like the impossible in the medical settings as an SLP….

All thanks to the right mentorship.

This episode is a celebration of mentorship and its profound impact on our professional journeys. I hope it sparks your curiosity and inspires you to either seek a mentor or become one.

Remember, mentorship doesn't have to be a formal, long-term commitment. It can be as simple as sharing a piece of advice, a resource, or a word of encouragement.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of mentorship? Tune into our latest podcast episode and let's explore this journey together!


MedSLP Certification Program

Part 1 Episode with Mentors


The student mentorship success story [00:01:06]

Isabel shares a story about a student mentorship situation where she and her student successfully helped a patient in the modified suite.

Accomplishments of mentees [00:03:56]

Jessica talks about the accomplishments of her mentees, including job interviews, promotions, and starting programs in their respective facilities.

Successes of mentees [00:05:50]

George discusses the successes of his mentees, such as getting their first job in a medical SLP setting, implementing a program, and pitching the idea of doing mobile fees in a hospital.

The importance of collaborative mentorship [00:10:40]

The speaker emphasizes the importance of mentorship as a collaborative and two-way street, where mentors model humble and respectful behavior to help mentees understand and share information.

Creating a supportive and relaxed mentoring environment [00:11:48]

The speaker discusses the need to create a supportive and relaxed environment for mentees, where they feel confident to advocate for the dissemination of knowledge.

Finding common ground in mentorship [00:16:03]

The speaker suggests finding common ground and mutual purpose in mentorship to overcome challenges and build partnerships, especially when it comes to patient care.

The importance of mentorship [00:20:41]

Mentorship provides opportunities for professional growth, access to new resources, and fresh perspectives on problems.

Finding the right mentor [00:21:54]

Consider what mentorship means to you, what you're looking for in a mentor, and the different programs available.

Recognizing when to move on from a mentor [00:23:03]

If a mentor is not a good fit or is not providing assistance, it's important to seek out a new mentor who can support your professional and personal growth.

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