280 - Patience and Play in Peds: Meaning-Making Makes the Difference

Have you harnessed the truly transformative power of patience and play for peds clients? We’re talking world-shifting, life-changing, tear-jerking, heart-string-tugging growth here!

Erin Forward (SLP) and Karen McWaters (OT) use creative activities, sensory exploration, and play-based, connection-focused interventions to help their clients unbundle their language skills, feel safe in their environment, and express their truest selves. They infuse joy, curiosity, and security in each session and their results are nothing short of inspirational.

The dynamic duo shares insights, tips, and tricks for parents and professionals, revealing how play can be a powerful tool to unlock a child's full potential in this inspirational episode.

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In this episode, you'll hear a discussion about:
🙌 Interdisciplinary collaboration
🙌 A practice-changing case study
🙌 Meaning-making in play and working with other disciplines
🙌 Research regarding the meaning-making process

Thank you, Erin and Karen, for all you do for your clients and for sharing your gifts with other therapists!

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