Lysa Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP - Getting to the Bottom of Legal and Ethical Productivity

If you've never looked forward to a conversation about productivity, and maybe even cringe every time you hear that word, my guest in this episode is about to change your mind! Lysa Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP is the go-to gal for discussions on productivity, and she brings her A-game to this episode.

Lysa Johnson is a program development specialist (one of many hats that she wears) and is spilling the tea on what exactly productivity is, how it's measured, and what the EMR algorithm thinks you should be doing all day.

She shares insightful information from her perspective in a leadership position and applicable advice for clinicians in the trenches to advocate for themselves and change the narrative around productivity.

In this episode, you'll hear discussion about responses to the survey including:
-What is productivity
-Productivity vs efficiency
– Negotiating productivity
– Ethics in productivity
– What can we do to make a change

If productivity feels like a snooze-fest for you, this episode will feel like a shot of espresso! Thank you, Lysa, for all you do for our field and for sharing this impactful info for SLPs!


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