Have you ever wondered what your patients who can't communicate with you wish you knew? Or maybe you've wondered what happens to your patients after they leave your facility… And what is Guillian-Barre like for the patient? This episode has all the answers (and maybe even some that you didn't know you needed to hear!)

In this episode of SYP, have a conversation with Kristin Dolan, SLPD, CCC-SLP, and her former patient, turned good friend, Lynn. Lynn is a Guillian-Barre syndrome survivor and is now advocating for patients who are fighting GBS. Kristin and Lynn share their experience of working together as clinician and patient as well as how their relationship evolved into friends and fellow advocates. Lynn shares important lessons for healthcare providers and Kristin shares her approach to helping patients with more than “just” speech and swallowing. This episode is inspirational for patients and providers, alike!

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
-How Kristin provides “wholistic” care for her patients
-What Lynn wishes providers knew when she was the patient
-How Lynn is helping GBS patients
-The impact of the positive delivery of information from medical professionals


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