Vince Clark M. Ed., CCC/SLP - Discussing SLPs and Leadership Roles in the Med SLP World


Speech-Language Pathologists often express that opportunities available to other therapy disciplines or other medical professionals appear to be closed off to them.  Their reasoning is that the perception of what speech-language pathologists do and the nature of our training impedes our ability to advance.

In this week’s podcast, my guest Vince Clark and I will explore this perception.  We designed a survey back in 2021 that was accepted as an ASHA Convention presentation. Unfortunately, due to complications from Covid we were unable to present it at that time.  The survey was designed to determine why SLPs feel that leadership and career advancement eludes them.
We will use this tool to determine patterns that may enlighten the profession as we seek to train our future leaders.

This is preliminary raw data, but eventually we hope to shape this into a useful tool in the future. Our goal is to begin work that will empower SLPs.  What are your thoughts on being a leader as an SLP?
Does your facility hire SLPs for leadership positions? Do you desire to move into a leadership roles? Join us as we discuss SLPs opinions on this topic.

Some of the responses we got in return were very surprising!

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