As SLPs, we are often dreaming of the changes we'd like to make in our facilities to help patients have better outcomes and to have our skills and services utilized more fully. Maybe we dream of earlier trach downsizes, fewer PEGs, and more consults on the critical patients who need us most…

My guest this week is back with part two of Curating a Multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Dream Team to show us the way!

In this episode of SYP, I continue the conversation with Rachael Silveira, MA, CCC-SLP about her experience with curating the dream team through a tracheostomy team initiative! She shares the details of what previous research shows and what the research on the trach team at her hospital found, who to go to when looking for your physician champion, and what they could do differently in future research.

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
-The change in hospital culture as a result of the trach team
-How to find the physician champion for your trach team
-The importance of being a team player on the interdisciplinary team
-Additional research on trach teams to guide your own initiative

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