Theresa Richard and Gavin Levy

Gavin Levy is back with part 2 of Swallow Instrumentals Through a Critical Thinking Prism!

As a med SLP, you've likely received an instrumental report or two in your career. But what do you do when it leaves you with more questions than answers? My guest this week is asking me the tough questions on behalf of SNF (and every other setting that receives these reports) SLPs everywhere!

After meeting at ASHA, Gavin brought up the idea of this conversation but was anticipating being a listener, not the interviewer. Once you listen, you'll agree that he was the best SLP for the job. Gavin asks some tough and stimulating questions that need to be asked of our field! He brings his passion, enthusiasm, genuine inquisitive nature, and desire to learn to this chat and leaves you rethinking the way certain parts of the SLP world work.

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
-Is the swallow instrumental the needle in the haystack?
-If timing is everything, when should you do a swallow study?
-Is objectivity actually subjective?
-To follow a protocol or not to follow a protocol?

As always, thanks for listening!

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