robin Vincent

Would you ever consider seeing a child with PFD via teletherapy? If you're most people, you'd probably prefer to see them in person. But what happens when a pandemic shuts the world down and those children still need therapy? My guest this week is sharing how she went from being skeptical and feeling like there's no way teletherapy could work for PFD clients to seeing parents become empowered, confident partners helping their children make leaps and bounds of progress through teletherapy.

In this episode of SYP, I have a conversation with Robin Vincent, MS, CCC-SLP, about treating clients with PFD via teletherapy during and after the pandemic. While most people might prefer to treat PFD clients in person, there are some major perks to utilizing teletherapy for this population that often get overlooked! Robin shares her experiences, her tips for SLPs who want to work with the PFD population, and some inspirational reminders that we can all use!

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
*How does PFD therapy work through a screen?
*The importance of caregiver empowerment
*How wide is the range of “typical”?
*Why it's vital to always consider the caregiver burden created by our therapy

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