You have a new patient coming in with a diagnosis you’ve never heard of and you’ve got a whopping 12 minutes to prep. So, to Google you go! But, how do you know if that blog post or even podcast episode you found is actually credible or unbiased? Anyone can publish anything on a website or say anything on a podcast right? Who is there to regulate that info before you apply it to your practice? (Hint: it’s you!)

My guest this week is sharing about critical review of resources found online for SLPs on the topic of dysphagia and if you’ve ever found yourself on the other side of a Google search, you won’t want to miss this one!

In this episode of SYP, I have a conversation with R. Jordan Hazelwood, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CCRE about some of the obstacles SLPs face today… or are they opportunities? I'll let you decide. Dr. Hazelwood shares her experience collaborating with an undergraduate student on a project that became her latest paper, Critical Review of Online Resources, Frequently Used by Certified SLPs for Dysphagia Management. She dives into the findings and shares her passion for studying the training of SLPs and ensuring they set out into the world well-equipped with not only clinical skills but just as importantly, critical thinking skills.

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
* Critical Review of Online Resources, Frequently Used by Certified SLPs for Dysphagia Management
* Training in best practices for dysphagia management
* Who has better critical review skills? Students or seasoned clinicians?
* Imposter Syndrome and clinical experience
* Setting boundaries and finding balance

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