Nicole Large

Ever considered stepping into a researcher role? Maybe you thought you needed years and years of experience first. My guest in episode 225 is defying the odds, in more ways than one. In this episode, I have the privilege of talking with Nicole Large, BS, a second-year grad student who is wise beyond her years, and already contributing to the research of our field. Nicole shares her experience balancing it all: graduate school, clinicals, conducting research, and surviving a pandemic!

Her research in pediatric feeding is providing such invaluable insights for SLPs serving this population to allow them to better understand all three pieces of the evidence-based triad. Nicole hasn't finished grad school yet, but I'm certain she will only make greater gains for our field once she does.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:
• How Nicole found herself completing research while in grad school
• The importance of utilizing all three components of the evidence-based triad
• How SLPs can help parents of children with PFD see success
• The complexity of implementing true evidence-based practice

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