Theresa Richard and Vanessa Neal

Do you ever feel like the research you find on PubMed or ResearchGate was conducted in a different world? It can’t possibly have been done in a real SNF or hospital with productivity demands, budget restrictions, and the many unexpected events that come your way in a day's work, right? If you’ve felt the pain of attempting to replicate research in your practice as a clinician (or maybe the pain of trying to simulate a clinical setting in your research…), you’re certainly not alone and you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!

In this episode of SYP, I have a conversation with Vanessa Neal PhD, CCC-SLP, a researcher and SLP with a passion for bridging the gap between researchers and clinicians. Vanessa completed her PhD, has worked as a full-time clinician and is now a program manager for the VA. She's been on both sides and is sharing her passion for helping research demonstrate greater clinical relevance and clinicians utilize the research we have available.

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
* The connection (and sometimes disconnection) between clinical work and research
* Obstacles to implementation of research
* Implementation Science
* Dissertation does and don'ts
* How to meet your clinical goals and the goals of your admin

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