Motor Speech Disorders and the MedSLP with Kaila Stipancic

If you get an eval order with the indication of “dysarthria, apraxia, slurred speech?” are you prepped and ready to take on the eval and make the differential diagnosis? You’re probably able to discern that you’re looking at a motor speech disorder from the consult indication note… And that complex chart from grad school with the differences in dysarthria types might flash through your mind…

But then what?

If motor speech disorders haven’t been at the top of your list of CEU topics, it may have been a while since you’ve studied them. You’re definitely not alone! My guest this week is here to refresh your memory and tie it all together for you.

In this episode of SYP, I have a conversation with Kaila Stipancic, PhD, CCC-SLP, a researcher and SLP with a special interest in motor speech disorders, speech intelligibility, and in improving therapeutic options to improve the quality of life of patients with oromotor impairment. Kaila is passionate about bringing greater awareness to motor speech disorders across settings and increasing the clinical attention they receive in more acute settings. She takes us through assessment and treatment, utilization of teletherapy, and the psychosocial dynamics of motor speech disorders.

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In this episode, you'll hear about:
* Why medical SLPs should have motor speech disorders on their radar
* Connection between motor speech disorders and dysphagia
* The use of DDK rates
* Treatment of motor speech disorders
* The psychosocial dynamic of motor speech disorders

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