AAC and the MedSLP

Have you seen a patient whose communication needs left you totally stumped? Maybe the AAC class you took in grad school isn’t the freshest in your mind these days? If so, you’re going to want to download the show notes and soak up every word of this week’s episode!

In this episode of SYP, I have the privilege of talking with Katie Threlkeld, MS, CCC-SLP about her passion for bringing communication to all patients, especially those in the most challenging of circumstances. Katie shares her love for AAC, tips for medical SLPs to bring AAC to every patient, and her advice for SLPs with no AAC experience.

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In this episode you'll hear about:
* Multidisciplinary AAC assessment
* Multimodal communication
* Device trials
* Alternate access
* Environmental control systems

Katie Threlkeld, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed, ASHA certified speech-language pathologist with over 8 years of clinical experience. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri in the Health & Rehabilitation Science program with a research focus on motor speech disorders and auditory-perceptual assessment. Specialized in motor speech disorders, AAC, and aural rehabilitation, Katie has developed proficient skills in these clinical areas providing assessment and treatment for patients across the lifespan. She serves on the ASHA SIG 2 (Neurogenic Communication Disorders) Professional Development Committee and is certified in SPEAK OUT! and LSVT Loud. Katie has presented at the state and national level on topics related to motor speech disorders, AAC, and aural rehabilitation. She is the Educational Program Developer at Forbes AAC, is a mentor for the Medical SLP Collective, and has teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level.


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