Theresa Richard and Mallory Moore

In this episode of SYP, I have the privilege of talking with Mallory Moore, SLP.D., CCC-SLP, CLT-LANA. Dr. Moore shares her journey through the LANA certification process and how lymphedema treatment is changing her practice, improving the lives of her patients, and leveling up the caliber of care her facility provides.

Mallory takes us through the process from application to certification and all of the twists and turns in between! If you work with the head and neck cancer population, this episode is a must-listen!

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:
-What the LANA Certification is
-The process of getting LANA Certified
-The the integration of lymphedema therapy into clinical practice
-The benefits of networking with SLPs in your region

As always, thanks for listening!

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