Imagine a lab that not only teaches you to identify clinical markers associated with aspiration in preterm infants, describe the laryngeal chemoreflex and cough reflex developments, and recognize infant engagement and disengagement behaviors.
You’ll be able to interpret infant behavior during bottle feeding to neurological integrity, assess preterm infant feeding abilities, and explain rationales for interventions and recommendations ALL without risk a real baby’s well-being. Neina Ferguson, PhD, CCC-SLP has created exactly that!

In this episode 239 of SYP, I have the privilege of talking with Neina about her experience as an SLP who started with a laser-focused interest in adult dysphagia, found her way into the NICU, and obtained her PhD with a dissertation on signs of aspiration in preterm infants. Neina shares her passion for the NICU population, parent coaching, and research. She takes us through the journey of the creation of the Preterm Infant Feeding and Swallowing Lab and shares what the future may hold for those working with feeding and swallowing in the neonate population.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:
-The history of the NICU
-Trends in s/s of aspiration found in NICU research
-Working with a simulation lab to teach NICU skills
-The affects of COVID on families with children with PFD
-The needs of future research for the NICU population

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