Brittany Krekeler, PhD, CCC-SLP

Do you have dysphagia patients that you really aren’t sure what exercises to use, how many reps to complete, or if they’ll ever actually see progress? You’re not alone. Many SLPs would love to have a “cookbook of dysphagia therapy” but the truth is…

Our patients deserve more than that. Brittany Krekeler, PhD, CCC-SLP discusses seeing each patient as an “n of 1” to find the specific recipe for success. She takes us on a deep dive into exercise science, the efficacy of current practices, and touches on where the research may lead us in the future.

Dr. Krekeler breaks down her critical thinking process to find the most effective therapy for each individual patient and sings the praises of clinical SLPs in the trenches in episode 228 of Swallow Your Pride.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:
-efficacy of exercise in dysphagia rehab
-dose in dysphagia interventions
-integrating clinical practice and scientific pursuits

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