If you’re an SLP dreaming of an acute job, you’re not alone. Many SLPs are after the coveted acute care job and this week’s guest on SYP is spilling the tea on making the switch from SNF to acute.

Maria Berardi-Coladonato, MA, CCC-SLP, CDP began her career in a SNF while continuing to build invaluable skills that would support her quest to land an acute job. As she grew her knowledge and skillset, making the switch to the acute hospital setting, she was shown just how valuable her experience in the SNF would prove to be.

In this episode, Maria shares the exact skills learned in the SNF that laid the foundation for acute, the importance of networking for SLPs, and her hopes for the future of our field!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:
• How Maria found herself in a SNF and ended up in acute
• Skills learned in the SNF that laid the foundation for acute
• Maria's hopes for the future of our field
• The importance of networking for SLPs

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