Dr Lori Burkhead Morgan

If the thought of working with a ventilator-dependent patient makes you nervous or even think “why would an SLP ever do that?” then episode 223 of SYP is just for you! Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan takes us on a deep-dive through the SLPs role in the respiratory patient, shares how we can collaborate with our colleagues to get better outcomes and more buy-in, and discusses her PhD in Rehabilitation Science, a topic that surprisingly isn't found in most SLP graduate school curriculums.

Dr. Burkhead Morgan has decades of experience working in a level 1 trauma center and other medical settings serving vent-dependent patients and she is sharing tons of valuable insights and stories from her experience in this episode! She sheds light on the truly, life-changing role SLPs play with this population. Don’t believe me? Listen to the story about her patient who was signed up for a surgery he didn’t actually want!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:
• Stories of SLPs changing the trajectory of the lives of their patients
• How can SLPs best serve the respiratory compromised patient?
• How to get buy-in from RT, RNs, and MDs
• Different roles that SLPs can play throughout the patient experience from acute phases and on
• Where SLP curriculum can be enhanced to prepare SLPs the way OTs and PTs are prepped for rehabilitation

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