Tim Zmudka

SLPs are all too familiar with the struggle of working without instrumentals, constantly advocating for access to instrumentals, and being left to guess what’s best for the patient without them, right? Tim Zmudka, MS, CCC-SLP is sharing how he flipped the script for his facilities and scored a $38k grant to get FEES onsite! Tim had only been practicing for 3 years but knew his patients deserved better care and he deserved the tools required to do his job.

He dives into the details of his experience writing and receiving a grant from early research and writing the grant to getting trained and selecting the perfect scope while giving tips for each stage of the process. He is paving the way to better care for a large population and is advocating for our profession as he breaks new ground in his area. You won’t want to miss this one!

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In this episode, you’ll learn about:
* How to navigate asking for the tools you need for your job in a way that gets buy-in
* Resources to utilize in your own process of obtaining these tools
* Research from SLP journals as well as medical journals that supports the need for FEES
* The astronomical cost of dysphagia
* Who should buy FEES equipment

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