If the burn unit is uncharted territory for your SLP program, you’re not alone! Morgan Billinger, MS, CCC-SLP, and Lori Skinner, MS, CCC-SLP are joining me for episode 218 to change that! These powerhouse SLPs attended a burn symposium that sparked the creation of a burn protocol for their facility that changed the game for their patients. Morgan and Lori share the historical role of the SLP in the burn population and how they created a protocol from their clinical experience, collaboration with PT/OT colleagues, and applying research.

You’ll get a deep dive into their assessment protocols, including specific measures that are invaluable, and unique to the burn population. They also share how working with other populations, like HNC and Parkinson’s, contributed to their protocol. We’re witnessing hard work and dedication from these two women that is changing our field!

Make sure you catch Part 2 of this conversation in episode 219!

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In this episode, you’ll learn about:
* What is a burn? Mechanism of Injury and Burn Types
* Historical background of SLP intervention within the burn population
* What protocols exist (& protocol that is needed)
* How SLPs can assess and treat burn patients to ensure no further injury or impairment
* Specific measures to include in your assessment for burn patients

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