SLPs all have the same goal in mind, right? We become SLPs to help patients when we break it down to the basics. What if you had a tool that could help you help more patients to get great outcomes in a shorter amount of time? Teresa Biber Lomonte, MS, CCC-SLP, the creator of the Biber Protocol, is here to share how you can do exactly that for your patients!

Teresa has 20 years of experience studying, teaching, and utilizing NMES in her practice with patients with dysphagia. She’s dispelling myths and setting the record straight on what exactly NMES is (and what it isn’t,) and how exactly it works. She shares how she utilizes a different protocol with different diagnoses, what patient selection looks like, and just how profound the impact of NMES can be for patients. Teresa is a wealth of knowledge on this topic and this is a must-listen for every medical SLP!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

• How exactly NMES works (and how it doesn’t)
• Ways SLP curriculums could support NMES and other modalities
• How NMES helps patients to see improved outcomes
• The impact mealtime has on our patient's quality of life



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