Imagine a world where doctors request a pre-op dysphagia screen on every patient, every patient gets adequate oral care, and your colleagues request co-treats with you for optimal positioning and alertness for your patients. Sound like a dream? Not for Jo Puntil! She's sharing how to make it all happen while getting seriously impressive patient outcomes in episode 216 of Swallow Your Pride.

Jo Puntil, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, has specialized in managing dysphagia disorders and developing interdisciplinary dysphagia programs during her 30+ years in critical and acute care. She’s successfully pitched new ideas over coffee and cocktails and found herself contributing to research that changed the status quo in her facility with her CV colleagues. If you work with dysphagia patients, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:
• Jo’s research findings that established new protocols for CV patients at her facility (and had the neuro team asking for the same protocol!)
• Tips for getting buy-in for oral care
• How her team has virtually eliminated aspiration pneumonia in CV surgery patients
• How she established rapport with her physician colleagues

Listen to the full episode here:

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