For patients with a new dysphagia diagnosis, navigating their day-to-day looks a little differently than they're used to. No one should have to walk through that journey alone.

Maggie Donaker and Kristin Winter have partnered together to share about their virtual support group for people living with dysphagia, Dysphagia Digest. They're joined by two very special guests, Len Amato and Tom LaGreca, who share their experiences with living with dysphagia and how a support group has improved their experience and given them a boost in morale when they needed it most, in episode 204 of Swallow Your Pride. They each share how they initially were mostly receiving support from the group and are now able to provide hope and support for other members who are also grappling with a new dysphagia diagnosis.

Maggie and Kristin provide resources for SLPs who would like to start a support group and for individuals with dysphagia who would like to find one in this inspiring episode.


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