Today’s Swallow Your Pride guest is Dr. John Ashford!

Dr. A is an incredibly knowledgeable educator and clinician. Dr. A co-owns S.A. Swallowing Services with his better half, and together they have a team of excellent clinicians that provide mobile FEES around Tennessee. SASS also has a reputation for putting on some remarkable continuing education courses.

Dr. A is very passionate about instrumental assessments and oral care, and has presented on his well researched topic of “The 3 Pillars of Pneumonia.”

In this episode we discuss how a poor immune system, poor oral, and the events of aspirating all must create the perfect storm in order to cause pneumonia. We also get into the importance of instrumental assessments, and exactly how to perform oral care (Newsflash: It involves a toothbrush, and a toothbrush, and a toothbrush 😉

Dr. A also discusses his favorite researcher that has helped to shape his thinking of swallowing disorders.  Get the transcript here!

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