Today’s Swallow Your Pride guest is Tiffani Wallace! Tiffani is one of my most favorite people in this world, she’s board certified in swallowing, a blogger, author, presenter, and speaker. She created the Dysphagia Ramblings blog, DysphagiaTherapy Group – Professional Edition on Facebook, and has authored the Dysphagia 2Go app for the assessment of swallowing disorders, and has co-authored the Dysphagia Therapy app for evidence-based treatment strategies.


She is just super knowledgeable in the field of dysphagia, and is so passionate about getting patient’s with dysphagia the best interventions possible.

In this episode we discuss how cranial nerve exams should actually drive your therapy plans, and how watching your patient aspirate can be a good thing!

Tiffani also discussed some of her most favorite treatment strategies and research papers that have helped to shape her dysphagia practice.

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