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Melissa Grassia Chisholm
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Dive Deep Into The Issues That Speech-Language Pathologists Face When Working With Patients With Swallowing Disorders.


We’ll discuss many controversial topics in order to provide the LATEST evidence-based treatment strategies, and create a community of dysphagia clinicians who want to consume incredibly valuable insight and information.

Our goal is to allow you to #swallowyourpride, and be open and willing to try the latest in evidence based treatment approaches by learning from experts and researchers in our field in order to create the best outcomes for our patients who need it most!


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325 – Reconstructing Hope with Meg Lico and Kaitlin Hanley

Face transplants. Nope, that’s not just something you see on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a real procedure and SLPs can support pre-operative evaluations, postoperative rehabilitation, and lifelong happiness for those who undergo this process. And in this week’s episode of...

323 – Tips & Tools to Work Smarter, Not Harder

In February, the MedSLP collective hosted a free four-day workshop to help medical SLPs accomplish more by doing less! This week, we’re sharing Day 3 of the workshop on the Swallow Your Pride Podcast! Who decided that burning out was a badge of honor? There’s a stigma...

322 – Understanding & Calculating Productivity vs. Efficiency

Last month, the MedSLP Collective hosted a free four-day workshop to help medical SLPs accomplish more by doing less! This week, we’re going to share Day 2 of the workshop on the Swallow Your Pride podcast! Let’s face it, productivity can be a bit of a maze, with each...

321 – The Effective SLP: Productivity & Streamlining Success

You’ve heard “qualified” SLP…. You’ve heard “seasoned” SLP… But what does it mean to be an “effective” SLP, particularly in the medical space?The truth is: as a medical SLP, you have more power over your productivity than you think. Speech-language pathologist,...

320 – Becoming A Medical SLP with Chanelle Tignor

Wondering how to start a medical career with your SLP graduate degree? Get ready for an episode packed with wisdom and inspiration as Theresa sits down with Chanelle Tignor, M.S., CCC-SLP, discussing her journey from graduate school to her medical career.  Theresa and...

317 – The ABCs of ACDF Surgery and Dysphagia

Have you ever worked with a patient with swallowing difficulties post anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery? Or maybe you've noticed surgeons don't even acknowledge the implications ACDF surgery can have on swallowing….. Medical SLP and NYU doctoral...

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